rapgap is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Hadron level Monte Carlo generator for ep and selected processes in pp scattering

The Monte Carlo program RAPGAP generates a full hadron event record according to the HEP common standards. In ep it can describe all inclusive and diffractive processes, in pp it is available for single-diffractive and a few inclusive processes for heavy quark and jet production.

posted 2021-12-19

Version 3.308 of RAPGAP has now been released.

This release includes autotools installation features, as well as optionally wrting output in HepMC format for further use with Rivet. No need to link PYTHIA6 and ARIADNE externally, source code is included in distribution. Updates writing hepmc files are included by A. Verbytskyi.

The source code is now also availbale from gitlab and from download

The full manual is also distributed in the download

Older versions can be found on here

To receive announcements of new releases for RAPGAP, send an email to Hannes Jung

Credits and Blame

Many people have contributed to the functionality and stability of RAPGAP, especially from the HERA experiment H1 and ZEUS, where the program is extensively used.